ACQR Helps You Acquire More Users And Growth For Your Web3 Protocol.

ACQR is an on-chain platform that provides you with effective marketing and user acquisition tools from discovery to onboarding.

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The Problem in Web3

Web2 marketing is difficult for web3 protocols. Most web3 protocols fail because they cannot acquire enough users and implement new marketing strategies. ACQR combines the best of both worlds to provide protocols with unmatched tools for growth.


Leading web3 Protocols Use ACQR to -

arrowEducate and onboard new users.
arrowGuarantee protocol usage.
arrowJumpstart community growth and increase social followings.
arrowAdd instant token utility.
arrowImplement marketing campaigns that work.

Co-Design a Mission


Missions help educate and onboard more users for your protocol. Missions are fully customizable to fit your protocols’ needs.

Determine Rewards

Set the rewards users earn for completing a Mission (Tokens or NFTs).

Describe Your Protocol

Tell users about your amazing protocol and why users should participate in it.

Determine Tasks

Decide what tasks users should complete in order to receive the prize.


Partners we work best with…

plusPositive and like-minded.
plusExcited to educate and onboard the next wave of web3 users.
plusHave protocols that are safe and reliable.
plusWant to grow the community and userbase.

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