imgOur Mission

Onboarding the next 1 billion web3 users.

At ACQR, we’re building an on-chain platform with tools to onboard the next generation of web3 users while allowing protocols to bootstrap their community - from discovery to onboarding at scale.

Here’s the thing…

Most web3 protocols are left in the dust because they fail to acquire new users. That’s because web3 needs web3 marketing and user acquisition strategies.


Participants > Speculators

Web3 is often tough to navigate and difficult to comprehend for new users. Instead of spectators and speculators, we should reward users who participate and use the many web3 protocols available today whether that’s in DeFi, NFTs, or the next big thing.

ACQR More Skills in Web3

Both new and experienced web3 users can acquire new skills in the evolving web3 space. Best of all, you will be rewarded for taking action.


On-Chain Credentials and Rewards

ACQR utilizes an on-chain infrastructure to build effective and powerful campaigns to ensure direct usage of protocols and track on-chain results.


Are you a web3 user?

Acquire a mission and get rewarded for completing on-chain tasks from different protocols!


Are you a web3 project?

Let’s get you set up on a campaign to grow your community and acquire more users!

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